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Submitted on
January 8, 2013


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  • Mood: Zest
  • Listening to: BW/ Elite 4 Remix
  • Reading: Shiver
  • Watching: Bakuman Toriko and OP!!!
  • Playing: Okami
  • Eating: XTREME Cheddar Goldfish FTW!~
  • Drinking: Strawberry Calypso + Ginger Ale = <3
Does anyone still need an extention?
PLEASE NOTE THAT I WILL ONLY SEND YOU ONE PACKAGE! that means that the first place winner will have to wait until X and Y come out and the 2nd and 3rd place winners will have to wait until i can get my hands on those blisters since the place where i get them havnt restocked. All items that dont need to be sent will be given right away such as the points and the codes. Pictures will be finished as soon as i can.

Hellu there :D Seeing as Pokemon X and Y will be coming out in October I thought i should have a little contest!

:bulletblue: What to do? :bulletblue:

When you ask to enter i will give you a number between 1 and 3.
1= Chespin
2= Fennekin
3= Froakie
I changed things so that everyone doesnt draw the same characters.
If you have already started or have already posted your entry you do not have to restart it.

You have to draw one of the three starters that will be out in X and Y. They are Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. You can find these guys on google.

:bulletblue: Judges :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Rules :bulletblue:

:damphyr: Be Creative! NO linearts, bases, or used thieft!
:damphyr: No nudity or extreme gore. (who would? its pokemon!)
:damphyr: References are allowed but not for the whole thing.
:damphyr: Backgrounds are not required but will up the chance of you winning one of the prizes.
:damphyr: Based on creativity not skill! What will they be doing? What pose etc, just standing there is kinda boring XD
:damphyr: NO reused art so if you've already drawn them ur gonna have to draw em again! :wink:
:damphyr: You can enter as many times as you want but only one of yours can win.

:bulletblue: Due Date :bulletblue:

Feb 7th
Ends Sunday the 24th

:bulletblue: Prizes! :bulletblue:

I will add more prizes if a bunch of people join

:damphyr: 1st Place
- A secret rare pikachu pokemon TCG card.
- 400 :points:
- 1 Full Body drawing of your favourite pokemon
- 30 Pokemon TCG online game codes.
- The choice of either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y (will be given when it comes out in october)
- 2 Packs of Plasma Storm
- A Keldeo action figure

:damphyr: 2nd Place
- 200 :points:
- 20 Pokemon TCG online game codes
- A pokemon Plasma Storm 3 pack blister. (contains 1 coin, 3 Plasma Storm Booster Packs and 1 hollow promo card)
- A chibi of your favourite pokemon
- 1 pack of plasma storm
:damphyr: 3rd Place
- 100 :points:
- 10 Pokemon TCG online game codes
- A pokemon Plasma Storm 3 pack blister. (contains 1 coin, 3 Plasma Storm Booster Packs and 1 hollow promo card)

:damphyr: Anyone who advertises this contest (like making a journal etc) will get 25 :points: and a llama (if i havnt already given you one.) Please link me your journals!
:damphyr: Anyone who donates for this contest will get 1 fullbody picture (feral only please :O) of their choice.

Feel free to ask me any questions, donate or advertise.
If less than 10 people enter i will close the contest :(
BTW tell me if you are entering, dont just give me a link XD
Have fun!

:bulletblue: Entered :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Completed :bulletblue:

I AM the fire starter by Endber - By :iconendber: Fennekin by CaptainLaylie - By :iconcaptainlaylie: Chespin - eating time by Julie-H - By :iconjulie-h:
fennekin :Contest entry by Accalialove - By :iconaccalialove: Fennekin by Coloreevee - By :iconcoloreevee: :thumb347671605: - By :iconeverydayimherpderpin: Contest-Froakie by taikunfoo - By :icontaikunfoo: Fennekin by Crimsonwo1f - By :iconcrimsonwo1f: Oppan Chespin Style! by TrioBadge - By :icontriobadge: Chespin by Dawnfire2025 - By :icondawnfire2025: Fennekin used Will-O-Wisp! by Ankhlet - By :iconankhlet:  Froakie's Morning Dew by SchizophrenicFennec - By :iconschizophrenicfennec: Froakie by makimotto - By :iconmakimotto: :thumb349262470: - By :iconsolargem: You Want to Choose Me? by DraconaVampira - By :icondraconavampira: froakie by amuletcoin - By :iconamuletcoin: CE: Fennekin Wallpaper Pokemon X Y Generation 6 by shadowhatesomochao - By :iconshadowhatesomochao: Fenniken contest entry by Ember-Flame007 - By :iconember-flame007: Fennekin by Julie-H - By :iconjulie-h: - By :iconjubilantpancake: If you're happy and you know it by SinfullyCute - By :iconsinfullycute: :thumb350990819: - By :iconjuliesom: Fennekin by makimotto - By :iconmakimotto: Let me hug you! by BlueWarrior12 - By :iconbluewarrior12: POKEMON-CHESPIN............. CUTE by CookieEipc - By :iconcookieeipc: Fennekin Contest Entire by TheMoon122 - By :iconthemoon122: Find us, Chespin by OnixTymime - By :icononixtymime: Froakie by nekoangel1212 - By :iconnekoangel1212: :thumb351435216: - By :iconfeatherwishes: Get back here! by kenta-kun51 - By :iconkenta-kun51: Contest entry: Fennekin by Accalialove - By :iconaccalialove: Art Practice Chapter 3 - Chespin's Clash by Razrielcg - By :iconrazrielcg: CE: New Grass Starter by ronekimew - By :iconronekimew: Fennekin-X + Y Contest by RedArtCreation - By :iconredartcreation: Even Pokemon Get Fleas by moonfeather8 - By :iconmoonfeather8: Deep dive - Contest Entry - Third Place by ThunderBeer - By :iconthunderbeer: PKMN - Froakie - I WANNA ROCK! by SlushiOwl - By :iconslushiowl: Chespin by lolomalon - By :iconlolomalon: Froakie and the first snow by MipeLaz - By :iconmipelaz: PKMN - Froakie Bath by SlushiOwl - By :iconslushiowl: Froakie - Sunny day at the pond by Yuki-Namida - By :iconyuki-namida: Dammit I'm sexy!!! by EpicTattooGirl - By :iconepictattoogirl: :CONTEST: FENNEKIN the firefox by Neowth - By :iconneowth: Froakie Contest by cronacat - By :iconcronacat: Contest Entry: A Normal Day For Froakie by Paradox-Zee - By :iconparadox-zee: Whip dat tail! - Contest entry by AskFennekin - By :iconaskfennekin: CE: Fennekin by Phoelion - By :iconphoelion: Chespin for the contest by Martipon - By :iconmartipon: - By :iconf34th3rz: - By :icontoothless411: - By :iconjubilantpancake: Pokemon X Y Chibis by xRcks - By :iconxrcks:
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Is this still open?
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is this still going on?
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Is the winner chosen jet?
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